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We are a well-rounded team focused on user connecting speakers, authors, content creators, thought leaders and influencers with their right-fit stages to increase their visibility, authority and influence.

Recipe for Success

Finding Gigs for Speakers...Bringing Messages to the World

Speakers Need to Speak was created from a need in the marketplace to connect Speakers with the right-fit stages and raise the level of awareness of just how many speaking opportunities are out there.

A few years back, Dannella Burnett, a rising event producer, noticed a trend.  Speakers were having a difficult time finding the right stages and having a hard time getting their messages heard.  For the top-level speakers, Keynotes were readily available, but for many of those just starting out, there was a definite need to connect the two.

From this idea, Speakers Need to Speak was born.  Working to connect speakers and their audiences became a mission for her.  The second half of her mission…was to teach them how to do it and GET PAID!  Again, getting paid for a Keynote was easy…getting the keynote…not as easy.  But with her years of experience in the back of the room, Dannella knew there were many more ways to get paid then being paid just for your speaking.

Speakers Need to Speak…and Get Paid! as Dannella says is a community that serves those who want to get on stages and share their messages.  She has developed a community who cheer each other on and help each other find leads and share information.  In addition to keynote speaking, Dannella educates her members on additional ways of getting paid to speak.  Finding creative ways to ensure that their speaking career is profitable and that their message gets heard, Dannella and her team work with each of her clients to help them advance their career.

In 2018 Dannella founded Speakers Need to Speak. She believed that speakers need help getting on more stages and getting paid for what they do. What began as a little project soon became a thriving success.
Over 2500 speakers have worked with Dannella to find more stages and more visibility.
2022 Speakers Need to Speak will be reaching new heights as it adds it’s own television show, podcast and more. Watch as it rapidly expands!


...What We Do For Each Other.

We don’t follow trends, we create them.

Speakers Need to Speak is based upon excellence.   As a team, we strive for excellence in everything we do.  We set the bar and expect nothing but the best.  Clients come first!  We work together to ensure every interaction is positive, even the tough ones.  It’s a matter of perspective and we’re focused on the positive.

Our Culture is based around WinWinWin Solutions.  If we’re going to do something, change something, adjust, pivot….it has to be a win for everyone involved.  “Doing the Right Thing” is just a way of life for us. We understand that relationships are the most important thing and work daily to continue to build the ones we already have and create new ones with those we have yet to meet.  Every interaction is a chance to make a difference.

That being said, WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN!  We have a saying that we use, I’m sure you’ve heard it.  “If’ it’s not fun, I don’t want to do it.”  Think about that for a second.  Life’s too short to do things that aren’t fun.  We put fun into our tasks and make every day exciting!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our All-Star Team.

Connecting Speakers and Stages is our Business!

At Speakers Need to Speak we are dedicated to connecting Speakers, Authors, Course Creators and Influencers with the stages they were meant to be on.  We work to connect clients to the stages that are best for them and will raise their visibility and influence.  Our team is all about our clients.  We believe in going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes!  They say Teamwork makes the Dream Work…This DREAM TEAM definitely excels!



Dannella “Burn It Down” Burnett

SNTS General Client Concierge


Jocelyn “My Pleasure” Jones

SNTS Elite Client Concierge


Julie “I Got This” Garner

Video Production/ AV


Oscar “I love Live Events” Rodriguez

Video Production


Matt “Video Genius” Macatangay


Let's Get You On Stages!

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