A community of speakers that are driven to dream big!

No matter where you are in your speaking journey...

There is one more stage, one more connection or one more speech that will launch your dreams of a bigger vision!

You know there is always room for more opportunity, more experience and more connections. At Speakers Need to Speak we provide all of those resources and more. It’s time you let someone help you find events, stages to get booked and put money in your bank account. After all, it starts and ends with you, because it’s your Speaking Journey.

The Next Event Coming to Atlanta
July 16 - 18 , 2020

Your Journey is mapped out every step of the way!

The best possible combination of experience, practical knowledge and event management is all wrapped up in one great resource...

As the leader of Speakers Need to Speak, Dannella Burnett will sit down with you and leverages her combined 25 + years of event management, speaking knowledge and business connections so you have the winning formula. All you have to do is say YES to the opportunity to become part of her Speakers Need to Speak community.

Hear what one our speakers Jean Kuhn's has to say about our events!